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A Tragic Affair

2008-03-02 17:31:32 by raveninskyprime

Last month, February 19, 2008, my father passed away. He was out jogging with a coworker and, for reasons that are still unknown, collapsed early in the jog. The ambulance arrived nearly five minutes later and despite every intervention that they could do could not get a response.

My father's funeral was last Friday, February the 29th. Over 200 people attended. Friends, family, coworkers and many others that I simply didn't recognize.

I loved my father very much, so to did my brother and my mother. It was at least comforting to know that so many others also loved him as much as we did.

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew."
~Abraham Lincoln

For Darryl Pearce
July 19, 1960- February 19, 2008

A Tragic Affair


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2008-03-02 18:07:25

Oh man. I'm so sorry for you. I've never felt a loss like this. I'm sure you'll get through this though. Once again sorry.


2008-06-02 22:24:54

Truly a tragic loss... I'm sorry...


2008-06-08 15:03:19

i'm sorry that you dad died


2008-06-10 03:30:38

So thats a quote from Honest Ab?


2008-06-10 03:31:28

Oh why does it say Abraham Lincoln like if it was him saying that?


2008-06-16 21:43:00

i don't know you, so i hope it's not ignorant of me to say that i'm sorry for your loss,
and i hope that you are as loved in your lifetime as it sounds like your father was.


2008-06-18 15:51:03

Dude I'm so sorry.
God I wish I could help in some way.


2009-01-04 02:24:51

I know this is like a year late, but I stumbled across this, and I feel so sorry for your loss.
I know it's cliche sounding, but I mean it..


2011-06-23 07:53:40

it's sad that he died but im sure he's gone to a better place


2011-06-30 00:12:47

I'm so sorry for your loss.


2014-10-19 00:19:11

I'm sure since then, you've 'endeavored to persevere'. My mother passed away after a long stint in a hospital, 3 months after your father did. And my own father passed away near Christmas 2012, and the impact of them both gone is still with me.

Anyway, just watched your B5 piece, and had thought about how many of the cast and crew are no longer with us :( There was a terrific, tasteful memorial video on YouTube (25 yr anniversary of B5), for all those who passed away, and some copyright nut had it taken down :(