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You know what I hate?

2008-01-15 18:16:00 by raveninskyprime

I hate it when I write what I think is a moderate response only to be recieved as a slap across the face with a leather glove, I hate it when this happens!

Recently in the art forums I posted a WIP for one of my art classes and asked what people thought about it... Heck, even MindChamber decided to toss in his two cents and my reply... was not taken well.

Now I got people trashing me on my thread for being a dick to one of the more well known moderators. How irritating is that?

So yeah, I take it my reputation here on this site is bonned. Here's to being recognized as one of the most immature people on Newgrounds. Around here... that's a really disgusting honor to be carrying around...


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