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2008-01-04 13:09:28 by raveninskyprime

Well, for anyone that reads these posts every now and again, I have been steadily adding page by page my story to the Art Forum. The responses I've been getting have been surprisingly positive and contructive. You know how it is on Newgrounds, there are times when people are haters just for the sake of being haters. Not true on this Art Forum thread so far and it has been a real treat adding my stuff to it.

I've also noticed that I'm part of a trend on the Art Forums, it appears that several other people are uploading their comic book styled ideas as well. My vision is that all of us eager comic artists/writers will band together to create an engine for world domination! ... Or simply put all of our projects together somehow to support one another...

Well, that's all for now. Until next time!


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