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Ah, my experiences with Newgrounds.

2007-12-14 01:42:53 by raveninskyprime

Well, I've been on Newgrounds for just over a month it seems and I have to say I'm really coming to like the community. There are certain gems that find themselves into the flash portal that I really appreciate.

That said, I think it's clear that I'll really have to pick up and improve my skill at the animation aspect.

I think my Wind Claw montage will testify that I'm a realitively good illustrator, but the response was just
barely less than what I was hoping (Just a 3.0, is that too much to ask for a good amount of work?). Yep,
I've learned that if I'm going to do original content it needs to have that "put you on the floor" quality or it
just wont float. I mean, my really crudy Star Trek animation has more views than my Wind Claw one...

I think this is a shame, but it's proof of concept that I really need to be competitive. I can't just do with
tweening images across the screen when I have something like Silver Cats to compete with... it just
wont do!

With that said, I definetely would like to learn more action script. Just fleshing out features will improve
one's enjoyement immensley. I need to be able to make my own preloader and end-title screen with
the "replay" option... which I don't know how to do.... curses me being new!

If any of ya'll can help out that would be great. Until next time!


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